Île Saint-Honorat Trip From Cannes French Riviera

Forteresse Saint-Honnorat

Trip to Île Saint-Honorat, French Riviera

The entire group we were with took a day trip to the Île Saint-Honorat, a mile off shore from the town of Cannes (see map here).

We took a short boat ride there from Cannes (about fifteen minutes and cost us 15 Euro return) which we enjoyed since there were lots of pretty views of the mountains and a nice breeze over the water.

Boat ride to Île Saint-Honorat
View from the boat on our way to Île Saint-Honorat

The Île Saint-Honorat has a monastery which is home to 30 Cistercian monks and a history dating back to the year 410. There is wine and honey produced on the island which you can buy at the monastery shop and vineyards along the island paths.

Île Saint-Honorat Vineyards
Île Saint-Honorat Vineyards

The island felt like a peaceful oasis tucked away in the sea. We spent our time walking around the island and swimming in small coves. It doesn’t take that much time to walk around the island since it is only 1.5 kilometers in length.

We also visited the fortified monastery of Abbey Lérins and the Forteresse Saint-Honnorat. If you climb to the top of the fort you can enjoy views of the island and surrounding ocean.

Forteresse Saint-Honnorat
Forteresse Saint-Honnorat
Monastery of Abbey Lérins
Monastery of Abbey Lérins


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