Porthmeor Beach in St Ives Review

Porthmeor Beach View

Porthmeor Beach Review

We recently visited this award-winning sandy beach in the springtime. Although we didn’t go in the water, we still enjoyed walking along the stretch of golden sand, views from neighbouring cliff-tops and closeness to St Ives town centre.

The colours on this beach are spectacular – with bright blues of the water, honeyed yellow stretches of sand and the brightest golden sunlight. The vibrant hues come from the excellent air quality of St Ives, allowing the light to shine clearly onto the beach. If you are into photography or looking for the perfect spot to enjoy a beautiful day by the sea, then I recommend heading to Porthmeor Beach!

The beach itself is sunken into the landscape. On either side the land rises into high cliff-sides, presenting wonderful walking and lookout opportunities. On one side there is land referred to as ‘The Island’ where you can explore St Nicholas’s Chapel.

These cliff-tops offer benches if you want to sit for awhile, watch the birds, look out to sea or onto the beach below and watch people swim. I personally enjoyed watching the birds soar above and the waves crash into the rocks below.

View of Porthmeor Beach
View of Porthmeor Beach

Porthmeor Beach view

Blue Flag Certification

This beach was recently awarded as a Blue Flag beach in 2013 for having excellent swimming and surfing. The beach received the Blue Flag award for having high standards for water quality, safety and environmental education.

Porthmeor Beach in St Ives
Porthmeor Beach in St Ives


Parking & Access

You are allowed to park at this beach for 3 hours or less. You will be charged around £1 an hour to park here. Prices vary depending on the time of year. You can find more information about parking and fees here.


Surf School

You will notice that St Ives Surf School is located centrally on the beach. If you are interested in learning to surf with trained instructors, it looks like a great opportunity. Porthmeor is known as one the best surfing beaches in Conrwall. You can find more information about the surf school here.

Porthmeor Beach


The Porthmeor Beach Cafe was closed during our visit. However, it might be worth a visit since it receives excellent reviews. We were disappointed to miss out on some culinary fun. This place has gained a great reputation for serving delicious tapas and wine.


Tate St Ives Gallery

If you are interested in admiring art during your visit, the Tate St Ives Gallery is located directly behind this beach. This gallery features work from modern British artists. Find more information about concessions and opening times here.


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Image Source: cornwall-beaches.co.uk & wallpaperweb.org

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